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Together we can continue providing vital services that help families from more than 120 countries- our friends, our neighbors, our coworkers- reach stability and success in the United States.

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"I want to thank the staff at the IIIC as much as I can for the help they offered. The IIIC was there from beginning to end- they were a big help...they made sure everything [in my citizenship application process] was done correctly" Lemina, Immigration Legal Services Client

"I want to thank [IIIC Wellness Services] for everything you have done, not only for me, but for people like me. You've no idea how much your kindness is key to feeling healthier. Thank you for helping my soul realize it's potential to bloom, especially in dark times." Grace, Wellness Services Client

"The IIIC has helped me feel more confidence in myself when I speak English. The Center has a good program to learn English, and they offer good tools to learn the language. I am grateful for them, and the caring and patient teachers." Osman, Education Services Student

"The IIIC provided me with the amazing opportunity to work in the United States. Not only is it an outstanding program for graduates who want to gain vital work experience, it was also a chance to go on a life-changing adventure." Niamh, J-1 Irish Graduate

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